Follow the Violin Competition in video with Sebastian Leitner!

May 21, 2015 Diana

#Daily Journal

During the whole duration of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition, Sebastian Leitner will follow the Violin Competition and produce videos that will be displayed in this 'Daily Journal' section of our blog. Meet with this 28 year-old Berliner...

Sebastian Leitner was born in Vienna and lives in Berlin. He has his own company (SLfilm) and works as a freelance filmmaker, editor & producer - mainly for international music projects.


Sebastian: "With this project at #TCH15, I want to mainly reach younger audiences and show that classical music is not only a dusty world of elitist circles. Modern classical music is everywhere and young classically trained talents can be your next rock star-crush. I grew up with a passion for good film editing (rhythm, timing, tempo) – all that is combined when working with classical music. If the editing is right you can find yourself still awake and maybe on the edge of your seat even after watching 2 hours of a concert recording."