Follow the Voice Competition in video with Olga Korotkaya!

May 24, 2015 Diana

#Daily Journal

During the whole duration of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition, Olga Korotkaya will be our special video reporter, covering the Voice Competition and producing videos that will be displayed in this 'Daily Journal' section of our blog. Meet with this young filmmaker from Moscow.

Olga Korotkaya is 27 and lives in Moscow.


"I'm interested in all the people around me," says Olga. "When I can, I like to ask everybody what they are living for, what they are dreaming about, what they are afraid of, etc. It was the reason why I became a documentary filmmaker. Indeed, my profession gives me chance to listen to the people and to live their lives for a short (or not so short) time."


We asked her why she decided to join the team for #TCH15. This is how she answered:  "I can't explain what is music for me, it is still a question. I keep asking to myself: 'Why does music exist? Why can't I live without music?' Maybe working on the Tchaikovski Competition this year will give me some new ideas about what music really is."