Follow the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition in video with Tim Burgess!

May 25, 2015 Diana

#Daily Journal

Tim Burgess will be our special video reporter at the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition! Meet with this young photographer and filmmaker who has already partnered with many times at the Verbier Festival in Switzerland...

Tim is 29 years old and from Manchester, United Kingdom. He is now lucky enough to live in Verbier, Switzerland, where he can be in contact with nature. He loves sport but this did not prevent him from working with the team a few times before.


"Whilst being better known for my filming work in the mountains, I've actually been working on various projects with for 4 years," Tim says. "I'm super excited to taste the culture of Russia, to hear the great music, and to meet the interesting personalities in and around the Tchaikovsky Competition."