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Cello: Favorite Tchaikovsky

John BlanchJune 21, 2015

Tchaikovsky did not compose so many pieces for cello. Still, his scores are iconic masterpieces in the cello repertoire. John Blanch asked to a few candidates of the XV International Tchaikovsky…

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Piano, Violin, Cello: First Round Results!

IrinaJune 20, 2015

Discover the results of the first round of the piano, violin and cello categories!

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Live Interview with Jian Wang

Hugo OrengaJune 20, 2015

Valli and Alexey Steblev interviewed the cellist Jian Wang, a jury member of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition.

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Backstage of cello first round

Maria SharounovaJune 19, 2015

The third day of the first cello tour came to an end. 19 from 25 candidates have already performed. Geographic diversity of the Cello Competition is amazing (Norwegian, France, Romania, China, Japan,…

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Martti Rousi: Learning from Youth

Olga KorotkayaJune 19, 2015

An interview with the cellist Martti Rousi, artistic director of the Sibafest (Helsinki) and of the Sysmän Suvisoitto Music Festival, and jury member for the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition…

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Live Interview With Alexander Kniazev

Hugo OrengaJune 18, 2015

Valli and Alexey Steblev interviewed the cellist Alexander Kniazev, a jury member this year and the third prize winner at the 1978 Tchaikovsky Competition.

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Cello: Drawing Lots

John BlanchJune 17, 2015

A few days ago, the audition results for the Cello Competition were announced. Following the announcement in Moscow, the 25 lucky contestants headed to Saint Petersburg where they arrived at 23:30,…

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