Male Voices: Preliminary Audition Results!

June 19, 2015 Diana Gochgarian

The names of the male voice candidates participating in the First Round of the Competition have been unveiled! Have a look at the list...

Congratulations to all the successful singers!


  • Evgeny Akhmedov
  • Hovhannes Ayvazyan
  • Batjargal Bayarsaikhan
  • Grigory Chernetsov
  • Badral Chuluunbaatar
  • Dmitry Demidchik
  • Yuri Evchuk
  • Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar
  • Dmitry Grigoriev
  • Harri Hukasian
  • Myonghyun Lee
  • Ao Li
  • Hovhannes Nersesyan
  • Yaroslav Petryanik
  • Ilya Selivanov
  • Konstantin Suchkov
  • Chuanyue Wang
  • Hansung Yoo
  • Anton Zaraev

Alexey Zelenkov is also selected to participate in Round 1 (but did not have to go to the auditions).

We remind you that the results for women were published on June 17.  You can find the full list here.


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