Alexei Petrov

Birth date

Nov. 29, 1982




Graduated from the Moscow Conservatory studying under Associate Prof. Andrei Pisarev and Prof. Zinaida Ignatieva (2007). He continued postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Music in London under Prof. Vanessa Latarche (2007-2010). In 2010 he won second prize in the 1st Russian National Music Competition. He performs in Russia and abroad. He has participated in several festivals: the Boris Berezovsky Festival in Ekaterinburg, the Maribor Arts Festival (Slovenia), the Crazy Days in Nantes (France) among others. He has appeared in the Moscow Conservatory and in the philharmonic halls of Smolensk, Voronezh, and Oryol. He has given solo concerts in the USA, Japan, the UK, Germany, Slovenia, France and Georgia.