Trio in A minor

Boris Berezovsky, piano 
Dmitri Makhtin, violin 
Alexander Kniazev, cello

TV Director: Andy Sommer
Recorded at La Roque d'Anthéron (France) 
© Idéale Audience / Arte France – 2004

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About this video

This extract from the Trio in A minor (a work composed in memory of Nikolai Rubinstein, a colleague and friend of Tchaikovsky), is performed here by some of the best contemporary Russian artists: Boris Berezovsky on the piano, Alexander Knyazev on cello and Dmitri Makhtin on violin (note that Berezovsky and Kniazev were both winners of the prestigious Tchaikovsky Competition).

About this work

Trio in A minor, "In Memory of a Great Artist", Op. 50

The Trio in A minor is a sombre piece that was dedicated to Tchaikovsky's long time friend Nikolai Rubinstein, who had died on 23 March 1881. Private performances were given in the early months after its creation in January 1882, although was reconstructed considerably until…