A hard day's night

June 12, 2015 Ada Gorbunova

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On Friday, June 12, the first violin auditions started while pianists were ready for the announcement of the preliminary results...

It was a special day for pianists. First audition results were announced late Friday evening by Boris Berezovsky who joked that he would read the names not as fast as he usually plays. 

8.00 PM. The tension rises, everybody is waiting for the results in the Small Hall of Moscow Conservatory.

10.30 PM. The Jury is on stage. And they have the great news: 36 candidates instead of 30 are admitted!

23.00. The participants assist to the drawing of lots.

The preliminary audtions in the violin category began Friday morning in the Concert Hall of Central Music School. During three days more than 40 candidates are to play 20 minutes of free-choice program.

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