Cello: The results of the auditions!

June 15, 2015 Diana

The list of candidates selected to compete in the First Round of the Cello Competition has been unveiled!

  • Fedor Amosov
  • Santiago Canon Valencia
  • Brannon Cho
  • Tristan Cornut
  • John-Henry Crawford
  • Leonard Elschenbroich
  • Pablo Ferrández-Castro
  • Sandra Lied Haga
  • Sihao He
  • Andrei Ionuț Ioniță
  • Seung Min Kang
  • Anastasia Kobekina
  • Hee Young Lim
  • Tao Ni
  • Bruno Philippe
  • Jonathan Roozeman
  • Ivan Sendetsky
  • Alexey Stadler
  • Ildiko Szabo
  • Michiaki Ueno
  • Valentino Worlitzsch
  • Alexei Zhilin

In addition to these 22 candidates, three other cellists will participate in the First Round of the Cello Competition: Alexander Buzlov, Alexander Ramm and Rustem Khamidullin.