Female Voices: Preliminary Audition Results!

June 17, 2015 Diana

#Last news

The names of the female voice candidates participated in the First Round of the Competition have been unveiled! Have a look at the list...

Congratulations to all the successful singers!

  • Emilia Ablaeva
  • Ayuna Bazargurueva
  • Evgeniia Dushina
  • Xianglei Fang
  • Anastasia Fedorova
  • Mane Galoyan
  • Gelena Gaskarova
  • Maria Gulik
  • Diana Kazaryan
  • Eun Kyong Lim
  • Yulia Matochkina
  • Svetlana Moskalenko
  • Natalya Pavlova
  • Irina Shishkova
  • Tatiana Starkova
  • Arete Teemets
  • Ewa Tracz
  • Venera Protasova
  • Antonina Vesenina

Anna Litvin didn't participate in the preliminary auditions but is also selected to participate in Round I.


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