A night of results in St Petersburg

June 26, 2015 Maria Sharounova

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Today was a really big day for all candidates. Here, in Saint-Petersburg, the results of both cello, and voice section were announced. Who is going to continue the greatest Competition of their lives? That was a question of the day. Answers were given at the Small Hall of St.-Pete Philharmonia and the Mussorgsky Hall of Mariinsky II.

In the morning at the Small Hall of Philharmonia cellists had their last rehearsals before the evening auditions and the announcement of the Second Round results. At 17:00 (MSK) the second part of the Secound Round has started. They all played Cello Concerts by Joseph Haydn with Chamber Orchestra. The house was full, there was a great ovation after every performance. Some contestants even got flowers from spectators.

During the break, our speakers Valli and Alexey interviewed Mischa Maisky. It was an interesting talk about how it is to be a judge, how difficult it is to make a decision and even about style - Vally expressed her excitement about Mischa's look!

Meanwhile at the Mussorgsky Hall of Mariinsky II the second part of the Voice First Round was completing. Here during the break The Gazette had a famous Israeli violinist, violist and conductor Pinchas Zukerman as a guest. You can watch it here

At 23:00 (MSK) at the Small Hall and the Mussorsgky Hall was full - everyone was waiting for results. We all were so excited. It was a really vulnerable moment. Especially at the Mariinsky II because voice jury members didn't appear for a long time. 

So, at first cello results were announced by Mischa Maisky. And later John Fisher announced voice results. Candidates who entered the Third Round (cellists) and the Second Round (soloists) were so happy. I've had a little talk to one of the voice contestants Gelena Gaskarova about  how she felt when the jury announced her name, discover her reaction!