The fairies of the backstage

June 29, 2015 Ada Gorbunova

#Backstage #Photos

Tchaikovsky Competition is a huge, complicate and many-sided organism. The participants that we usually see on stage and on TV-screen are the heroes. But behind the wings there are many other people who arrange the life of the competition, make the schedule, coordinate the transportation, help the participants…

Svetlana and Anastasia are doing translation work for the piano competition. But, as one of the participants joked, their unofficial role is «backstage mommies».

"- We work with the participants from the beginning of the preliminary auditions, - says Anastasia. We help them with everything: go with them to the practice rooms, support them, bring them food, make tea, correspond with them in Facebook. We feel extremely sorry for those who didn’t pass. During the First and the Second round they became very dear and close to us. Everybody has his own particular features; every candidate has an outstanding personality."

"No matter how difficult and exhausting our job is; the feeling of involvement in such an amazing event as Tchaikovsky Competition gives the energy, encourage and inspire. We listen to great music and great performances. That’s a pity that very soon all will be over. We’ll miss our sweet contestants so much!"