Tonight! Opening Gala Concert, XV International Tchaikovsky Competition

June 15, 2015 Bradley Bambarger

#Brad's Diary

The HQ here in Moscow is a hive of incredible busyness preparing to deliver the webcast of tonight’s Opening Gala Concert of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition, live from the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. The concert will feature exciting Russian performers in an all-Tchaikovsky program, in homage to the composer’s 175th birthday this year.

            Mezzo-soprano Olga Borodina will sing a pair of Tchaikovsky romances (“It Was in the Early Spring” and “Again, As Before, Alone”). Two very youthful Russian prizewinners will also perform. Violinist Georgy Ibatulin will play the Mélodie, Op. 42 No. 3. (Check out Jascha Heifitz performing that piece in vintage style here.) And pianist Alexander Malofeev will play a transcription from The Nutcracker made by pianist-conductor Mikhail Pletnev (a gold-medalist from the 1978 Tchaikovsky Competition). Along with leading the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra in the Capriccio Italien, Vladimir Fedoseyev will accompany pianist Daniil Trifonov – who became a global star following his 2011 win of First Prize and Grand Prix in the XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition – in a selection from the signature Piano Concerto No. 1.


            Please check back tomorrow for my post-concert diary entry discussing the event – which you can watch live here.


Photo : Begimai Alymbekova.


Jascha Heifetz: Mélodie