The Laureates of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition

July 1, 2015

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The Awards Ceremony took place tonight, Wednesday 1 July, at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. It was an amazing ceremony after two rich weeks of competition which we will remember for a long time! Congratulations to all the talented candidates, and many thanks to the jury members, the Competition's teams and the wonderful audience!

Discover the names of the winners of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition in each category! 

Piano Awards:

  • Dmitry Masleev, First Prize
  • Lukas Geniušas, Second Prize
  • George Li, Second Prize
  • Daniel Kharitonov, Third Prize
  • Sergey Redkin, Third Prize
  • Lucas Debargue, Fourth Prize

Violin Awards:

  • Yu-Chien Tseng, Second Prize
  • Alexandra Conunova, Third Prize
  • Haik Kazazyan, Third Prize
  • Pavel Milyukov, Third Prize
  • Clara-Jumi Kang, Fourth Prize
  • Bomsori Kim, Fifth Prize

Cello Awards:

  • Andrei Ionuț Ioniță, First Prize
  • Alexander Ramm, Second Prize
  • Alexander Buzlov, Third Prize
  • Pablo Ferrández-Castro, Fourth Prize
  • Seung Min Kang, Fifth Prize
  • Jonathan Roozeman, Sixth Prize

Voice Awards:


  • Yulia Matochkina, First Prize
  • Svetlana Moskalenko, Second Prize
  • Mane Galoyan, Third Prize
  • Antonina Vesenina, Fourth Prize


  • Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar, First Prize
  • Chuanyue Wang, Second Prize
  • Hansung Yoo, Third Prize
  • Dmitry Grigoriev, Fourth Prize